Las Vegas saxophonist Tommy Marth is dead. He toured extensively with the Killers, and was part of the glam-grunge band's 'Sam's Town' (2006) and 'Day & Age' (2008). He was 33.

Marth was an active member in the Las Vegas music scene, including being a regular part of the Big Friendly Corporation. Bassist Timothy Styles lamented Marth's death on his weekly podcast.

"There's been a death in the family. A very tragic one. Essentially what has happened is Ryan Marth and Melissa Marth of the Big Friendly, their middle sibling Tommy, passed away this morning at rather a young age. I'm not going to go into details. People who know him will hear the truth about it later on. But it's not natural causes."

Marth is survived by his parents and his siblings, and remembered fondly by the Vegas music scene, as Las Vegas Weekly reports. The Killers also expressed their sadness: