Kings of Leon have been talking with potential producers and plan to hit the studio some time soon to begin working on the as-yet-untitled follow-up to their 2010 album, 'Come Around Sundown.'

"'We've been meeting with producers every day so we're starting to get the ball rolling on album six," bassist Jared Followill tells BBC Radio 1, according to a report from NME. "I don't know what I can say, but we're definitely planning on starting the record some point in the near future."

Jared further reveals that frontman Caleb Followill has been penning "a lot" of material potentially bound for a new KOL disc, saying: "Caleb has been writing a lot, and yeah, I think it's going to go really well."

Last year things were going the opposite of really well for the Kings, who here forced to cancel an entire North American tour after Caleb suffered something along the lines of a mental breakdown, storming offstage during a December 2011 gig in Dallas, Texas. He was diagnosed with exhaustion and general malaise, resulting in the plug being pulled on the trek and rumors that he had been sent to rehab and kicked out of the band.

Jared insists that Smoke and Jackal -- the new side project with Nick Brown, the frontman of Nashville-based band Mona, that he announced recently -- inspires him to bring more of himself to his main band. "Even doing the side project got my creative juices flowing again and just doing something completely different, I feel like it can bring more creativity to our band," he says.

So while it'll obviously be a while before a new one from Kings of Leon is in the can, it's certainly good to hear they're getting the ball rolling. Stay tuned to for all the latest from the Kings' royal court.