Kmart's new Halloween commercial features a male voice singing, "Howl like wolves," while a 360-degree rotating camera captures a dancer showing off dozens of spooky costumes -- so many, in fact, that he set a world record for costume changes. What's the song in this dizzying ad?

The music in the spot comes from Nashville indie artist David Condos. It's the title track from his 2010 EP 'Like Wolves.' The alt-rock song adds to the edgy feel of the commercial as 'America's Got Talent' dancer Monty Rezell of the Stick and Move dance crew wears many of the 3,000 Halloween costumes for sale at Kmart.

According to the ad, Rezell set a Guinness World Record for most costume changes during an eight-hour period during the filming of the promo, which took place in Chicago earlier this month. Among the many roles Rezell plays in the ad are evil clown, Ghostbuster, wolf, banana, pirate, Coke bottle, fried egg, Scary Movie killer, crayon, witch, gorilla and Jimi Hendrix.

Condos' song gets plenty of airtime in the 90-second spot. In addition to recording solo material, Condos is a member of rock trio Milktooth. His music has appeared in television shows as well, including, perhaps not surprisingly, 'Teen Wolf.'

Hear David Condos' 'Like Wolves' in the Kmart Halloween Costumes Commercial