Last month, Kurt Vile revealed he was working on a follow-up to 2013’s Wakin on a Pretty Daze. Now he’s confirmed the title, All Over the Place, and says he hopes it will arrive sometime in the fall of 2015. He also doubled down on the upcoming LP’s “night vibe,” saying that’s when he's able to do most of his writing.

“I’ve developed this routine at home,” he recently told Rolling Stone. “I wait for the kids to go to bed, then my wife falls asleep. Then it’s dark and quiet enough for me to work on songs. I just keep going later and later, until sunrise.”

“I wanted to get back into the habit of writing a sad song on my couch, with nobody waiting on me,” he continued. “I really wanted it to sound like it’s on my couch -- not in a lo-fi way, just more unguarded and vulnerable.”

During the recording process, Vile has collaborated with Warpaint drummer Stella Mozgawa and Beachwood Sparks' Farmer Dave Scher and will enlist Rob Schnapf to produce his latest effort.

“We’re not doing this in any linear sort of way,” the singer-songwriter said. “The record happens as my life happens -- I go home and record a song, mix it somewhere else. I’m not just writing and recording it all at once.”

In terms of tone, Vile says the upcoming LP will be a departure from Wakin’s brighter fare.

“The music drones on and on, but in a freer way,” Vile explained. “There’s a sort of melancholy in the way the music just sprawls. It wanders.”

“Everybody goes up and down throughout their lives,” he added. “Smoke Ring was a downer, then Wakin was an upturn. My music has to be funny and sad and happy and loving, it’s gotta have it all. When somebody’s just too dark all the time, it’s just drama. Or if somebody’s too funny? Well, I like to be too funny sometimes.”

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