The mural that was created for Kurt Vile's 2013 album 'Waking on a Pretty Daze' was vandalized and painted over in Philadelphia over the weekend. The huge painting, which also served as the cover art for the record, was created by Steve "ESPO" Powers.


A local dude -- who had nothing to do with the building or anything like that -- took some white paint and defaced the mural because he thought it was attracting more graffiti artists to the area. According to Vile, the building owner and surrounding businesses are actually fans of the mural.

Apparently the guy who defaced the mural is a DJ, and he's since apologized for what he did, after a photo of him showed up on Instagram.

He's also offered to pay ESPO to redo the mural. A local reporter interviewed him about the act and posted her conversation on Facebook. "Hello everyone, I am the idiot in the picture," he says.

So the good news out of all this is that ESPO will repair the damages done to the mural and the guy who's responsible feels mighty bad about it. And Philadelphia will be getting back its awesome Kurt Vile mural sometime soon.

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