Lake Placid's own pop icon Lizzy Grant, a.k.a. Lana Del Rey, previously teased the title track from her upcoming album, Honeymoon, with a lyric sheet that has been made available at her recent shows. You can now listen to the gentle track above.

The image that the clip centers on for most of the song is of that lyric sheet that has been circulating, otherwise the only moving scenes are of brief excerpts from the film Super 8 that appear at both ends of the clip. The song itself is a lengthy, orchestral ballad that focuses less on retro '60s pop and more on the singer's impressive vocal chops. It's quite possibly one of Del Rey's most atmospheric tracks to date.

There has not yet been an official release date set for Honeymoon, but it's tentatively due out this September. Regarding the record's sound, she recently elaborated on how a jazz influence will again come into play. She also pointed out the fact that it will sound more like her earlier works than her last effort, Ultraviolence.