Sultry chanteuse Lana Del Rey picked up the EMA for Best Alternative at the 2012 EMAs, which are Europe's version of the MTV VMAs. The award ceremony took place in Germany tonight (Nov. 11), and while most of the awards were nabbed by pop artists with names like Bieber and Swift, alternative music was represented by Del Rey. Del Rey was on hand to accept her award, with a darker-than-usual reddish brown hair color and a pretty midnight blue satin dress. As usual, she was a knockout.

Del Rey, who is gearing up to release the 'Paradise' deluxe edition of her January-issued debut 'Born to Die,' and who nabs modeling contracts for corporations like Versace and H&M left and right, certainly had a big year, straddling the line between the pop and the alt worlds. Not many acts can pull that balancing act off, but given her breathy, haunting, almost ghostly songs, LDR certainly is able to make a mark in the alt world.

French DJ David Guetta, who also enjoyed success in the pop world, picked up the EMA for Best Electronic.