Lana Del Rey is dreaming big when it comes to her next music video. According to rapper A$AP Rocky, Del Rey's collaborator, she will be playing Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in the clip, while he plays John F. Kennedy.

Rocky spilled the beans about the short film during a recent interview when he was asked about his relationship with Del Rey. "That’s just my homegirl," he told HipHopDX. "We did a video together. We did her video, it’s called ‘National Anthem.’ It’s off her album 'Born to Die.' I play JFK, she plays Jackie O. Some cool trippy s---, some real 2015 sh--. People are going to get it in three years, and that’s the whole purpose of it."

Del Rey's decision to portray the former first lady could almost be viewed as a response to the backlash she has received from various critics, who have referred to the 26-year-old as entitled and overhyped. Now she's boldly taking on the role of one of the most revered women in American history. A$AP Rocky looks nothing like JFK, so this will obviously be a conceptual video requiring a bit of imagination.

'National Anthem' is the fourth single from Del Rey's debut, 'Born to Die.' She also worked with A$AP Rocky on the KickDrums track 'Ridin,' on which she tried her hand at rapping, delivering the cheeky boast, “I’m delicious to the maximum / Chew it up like bubble gum / I’m his pretty party favor / He says I’m his favorite flavor.