Questions about Lana Del Rey's "authenticity" have dogged her ever since she burst onto the scene last fall. While we prefer to focus more on the music than those silly issues, we can now say that, in her brief career, she has suffered the same fate as many a "true" rocker: her record label hated her first single.

Speaking to the BBC, Justin Parker, who co-wrote five songs on Del Rey's 'Born To Die' album, including the hit 'Video Games,' said that Polydor initially didn't like the track, but the success of its video caused the label to reconsider. The video has been viewed over 38 million times on YouTube.

"They didn't think it was a single," Parker said. "I think the video changed everyone's mind. It just took off didn't it? I mean they had no choice, they had to release it, it was forced upon them."

Earlier in the week, 'Video Games' was nominated in the Best Contemporary Song category in the Ivor Novello Awards, which honors excellence in British songwriting and composing. Although Del Rey is originally from New York, Parker is British and therefore eligible for the award. The winners will be announced in London on May 17.