Look at those kids, sitting on the floor in a circle surrounding a young Led Zeppelin like that's a perfectly normal thing to do. The '60s were a very special time for rock 'n' roll. And 1969 became the climax for a musical era and a social scene that left their imprints on the world that still last today.

This was, obviously, the beginning era of Led Zeppelin's career. Jimmy Page's guitar still sounded gnarly and raw. Really, everyone in the band still had some rough edges in this performance of 'Communication Breakdown' from a Danish TV show. But those rough edges are nothing compared to the band's enthusiasm.

The fellows in Led Zeppelin hadn't yet started dressing, well, funny yet. They're all wearing relatively normal clothes in this video. They would, of course, go on to wear some really weird outfits later.

Just check out the video below, which is from just a few years later. Singer Robert Plant is wearing some lady's tiny denim vest with short, puffy sleeves. And Page is decked out in full wizard regalia. His pants come all the way up to his chest, and they're covered in big, shiny stars. Maybe his wizard powers helped him be a badass on guitar.

They could wear whatever they wanted, though. When your band sounds as good as theirs did, you can get away with a lot.