Organized crime and our favorite building blocks collide in this Lego version of Grand Theft Auto 5.

Watching the above video makes us hope that one day Lego will try to expand its range of movies into more mature areas of animation. Nevertheless, Somethingcrappy has put together an amazing stop-motion video of a wild car chase ending with one of our favorite aspects of GTA 5 -- switching back and forth between multiple protagonists in order to pull off the perfect crime.

The video starts off with an epic car chase down a city comprised of Legos until the criminal's red car encounters a police barricade. This is when the video reenacts the amazing character-switching mechanic from GTA 5; it even includes the signature zoom-out camera-panning! The perspective changes from the driver in the car (whose screen includes the HUD display from GTA) to his partner on an adjacent building with a sniper rifle aimed at all the cops in his partner's way. The partner picks off all the cops (including a glorious head shot on a police helicopter pilot in mid-flight) that results in the driver's getaway.

Even though its shot using the little plastic blocks most of us remember from our childhoods, the entire video is quite badass. Here's hoping that Somethingcrappy will continue the story of its criminal Lego enterprise and we'll see even more carnage sometime soon.

In related news, 'The Lego Movie' is still reigning supreme at the box office. Who knew that a movie about little colored blocks could rake in more cash than 'Pompeii', Kevin Costner's '3 Days to Kill' and that atrocious 'RoboCop' remake combined?

After three weeks, the blockbuster building-block movie has earned more than $183 million worldwide. So, Warner Bros. has announced that a Lego sequel is due May 26, 2017. With a release date so far away, and the number of franchises Lego can reach out to in order to make their movies, who knows what other Hollywood names Lego can include in the next movie. Personally, we're hoping for 'Ghostbusters .'

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