Remember when we thought Eddie Vedder was going to be the final musician to grace the stage of the Late Show With David Letterman? Well, it looks like we were wrong.

While Bill Murray could easily serve as the only guest for Tuesday night's (May 19) episode, it looks like the legendary Bob Dylan will join the second-to-last Late Show as Letterman's final musical guest. The final episode, scheduled to air Wednesday night, is promised to be full of surprises -- and we're guessing one or two musicians will swing by to say farewell to Letterman.

For his 1984 debut with Letterman (on NBC's Late Night) Dylan was backed by the Plugz; at that point, Late Night was only on the air for a couple of years, so you can imagine the kind of win it was to score Dylan as a musical guest.

And now, in 2015, it might be an even bigger feat of triumph to have Dylan help celebrate Letterman's retirement; the elusive rocker rarely makes appearances on television (his last appearance on the Late Show was in '93) so to see him join Letterman next week will be a unique experience indeed.

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