"Carpool Karaoke" may be a much-beloved segment of the Late Late Show With James Corden, but at least one person is not a fan: Liam Gallagher. When asked in a recent interview whether he would consider riding shotgun with the talk show host, he declined in his usual manner, swearing and calling Corden a "knobhead."

Corden has previously played host to the likes of Lady Gaga, Adele, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Mariah Carey – though Gallagher clearly remains unimpressed. "No, thank you very much," he told a British GQ reporter, via NME. "No f---ing chance, mate. With that fat bloke from Kevin and Perry?," he added, confusing the title of a now-defunct Corden sitcom which ran on the BBC from 2007-10.

His wife Debbie Gwyther then interjected. "It’s called Gavin and Stacey, and you’ve never watched it,” she said, before Liam shot back: "I don’t need to watch it to know I won’t like it. James Corden is a knobhead.” At least Corden didn't get called a "potato," one of many honors reserved for his brother and former bandmate Noel Gallagher.

The Oasis siblings are each touring separately these days, with Liam as a solo act and Noel performing with the High Flying Birds. Liam Gallagher most recently made headlines last weekend when he abruptly left the Lollapalooza stage after just 20 minutes, later claiming his gig the evening before was too hard on his throat. Gallagher did not return to finish the show.

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