After a day that suggested that Liam Gallagher was trying to make up with his brother Noel, everything is back to normal. Liam took Noel to task for skipping Sunday's premiere of Supersonic, a documentary about Oasis, and also took aim at the press for not reporting it.

Yesterday, Liam tweeted, "Noel Gallagher, aka s--- bag blanks premiere, not 1 f---ing rag mention it. If it was the other way round I'd be hung. Bunch of c---s."

His choice of insult was consistent with what he tweeted two weeks ago when he learned that Noel would be absent from the proceedings. "So the Ronnie Corbett of rock n roll aka Noel Gallagher not doing press not attending premiere for Oasis film 2 words S--- BAG," Liam wrote.

Yesterday, Liam revealed that he would like to patch things up for thesake fo their family. “Obviously [our mum would] like us to be chatting, sit around the table at Christmas,” he said. “But it’s a stupid standoff, and we should know better, as we have kids. It would be nice for me and [Noel] to get back together as brothers. ... I have held the olive branch out, and there has been nothing."

Created by the same team that made the Academy Award-winning Amy Winehouse documentary, Amy, Supersonic traces the rise and fall of the Gallagher brothers. It will be screened in theaters across the U.S. on only one night, Oct. 26. To find out where it will be playing, visit the movie's website.

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