Ever since the October 2014 breakup of Beady Eye, Liam Gallagher has been mostly silent (except on Twitter). But he’s about to make good on last month’s promise to return to music, according to a new report.

NME writes about an exclusive cover story interview the former Oasis singer did with Q where the magazine, which will hit shelves next week, claims that he is ”making plans for a dynamic new chapter.” Apparently, the end of Beady Eye resulted in a “crisis” for the singer and he needed some time to get “his life back together.” Despite his absence, Gallagher has apparently lost none of his swagger. The cover features the quote, “It’s been boring without me, hasn’t it?”

Back in July, he hinted that new music could on the way soon by tweeting, “Be afraid you so called troubadours and you plastic rock n rollers give your paper crown 1 last cuddle coz I'm on my way.”

While we don’t know much else about his plans, one thing that is for certain is that Gallagher’s next band will not be comprised of the original lineup of Oasis, minus his brother Noel. Liam’s friend, Paul “Bigun” Ashbee, posted on Facebook that Liam was looking to pull this off but was thwarted by Noel. Liam responded to a question about this on Twitter with, “Ignore him. He’s mentally ill and a [Manchester United] fan.” The Gallagher brothers, in one of the few things they agree upon, support United's crosstown rivals Manchester City. Ashbee, who is writing a book about Oasis, is believed to have been the source who provided a similar rumor back in May 2015.

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