Electronic rock duo Ratatat are preparing their return with Magnifique, their first album since 2010's LP4 that is set for release on July 17 via XL. But today (July 9), the band's fifth album is streaming in its entirety over a week early, via NPR First Listen.

Comparing the new album to their previous effort, LP4, Ratatat's Evan Mast said, "“The way we made those songs was kind of throwing everything into a pile and sorting it out later. This record’s a little more organized and deliberate, maybe. It’s mostly just guitars and bass and drums." Ratatat's Mike Stroud added, "We tried really hard to not have any moments on the record where you’re waiting, like, ‘The next part’s cool!' Like, the part you talk over and start talking about how the next part is good.”

Magnifique currently available for preorder through XL, as well as on iTunes and Google Play. Ratatat will head out on tour beginning in July and ending in September, so find their complete upcoming dates at their website.