It's been a long four years for Spiritualized fans since the release of 'Songs in A&E,' but the wait for new music is almost over: the space rock pioneers' new album, 'Sweet Heart Sweet Light,' is out next week. And actually, you don't even have to wait that long to hear it -- thanks to NPR, you can stream the whole thing right now.

Offered as part of NPR's First Listen series, the new record offers fans 11 tracks and nearly an hour of new music, including the epic songs 'Hey Jane,' 'Heading for the Top' (both of which weigh in at more than 8 minutes apiece), and 'So Long You Pretty Things.' In an unexpected twist, Spiritualized frontman Jason Pierce co-wrote one track, 'I Am What I Am,' with the legendary Dr. John.

Given the album's extended incubation period, it should come as no surprise that Pierce devoted plenty of time to the material; as far back as 2010, he told reporters that he was "living in the studio" while working on the record, and speculated that it would represent a shift toward poppier material for the band. "I always shy away from anything I write that sounds like a pop song," he explained to NME, "This time I’m embracing songs like that and seeing what happens. I’m not fighting it anymore."

To hear what Pierce was talking about, head over to NPR and stream the full-length 'Sweet Heart Sweet Light' now. Was it worth the wait? Let us know in the comments.