Spiritualized visited the 'Late Show With David Letterman' last night (May 7) to perform 'Hey Jane,' a melodic track from the group's seventh album.

Jason Pierce and his band were joined by maracas-wielding backup singers for the track, which was trimmed to four minutes from the nine-minute version on 'Sweet Heart Sweet Light,' the band's latest album. Pierce appeared to be reading the lyrics from a cheat sheet as he delivered the vocals on the up-tempo tune, impressing the late-night host and his audience.

Pierce told Rolling Stone of the song, "It was a kind of idea that rock 'n' roll is such a big part of me. I wanted to write on a thing that reflected the sadness and the demise of that in that record. Hence the name Jane. It was written specifically about a couple of people, but the name Jane seems as fitting as any. There is a line in the middle of it, where she is listening to 'Sweet Jane' on the radio."

'Sweet Heart Sweet Light' is the first record for the band since 2008's 'Songs in A&E.' The new album was released last month to positive reviews (including our own) and a No. 19 Billboard 200 chart debut.

Watch Spiritualized Perform 'Hey Jane' on the Late Show with David Letterman