Little Anchor might be from Brooklyn, but they get lots of California loving in their latest video, 'If I Wanted To.'

Directed by Shanghai-based filmmakers Jess Jing Zou and Jing Shao, aka JSQUARE, the video presents the poppy rockers as life-size cardboard cutouts who decided to hop into a van (soccer-mom style) and hit up some of America's big landmarks, including Mt. Rushmore, the Grand Canyon and the Grand Tetons.

In each location, the members' cardboard selves dance gleefully or peak their heads out of the van. The whole thing is shot in the style of a home movie, and it's bound to make you chuckle.

What sparked the idea for the video? A cross-country trip around the U.S. that the directors were planning.

"I wanted to tag along too but couldn't leave New York at the time," Cabellon tells "We then got to thinking about how funny it would be if they brought along cardboard cutouts of all of us on their trip so that we could be 'right there with them.'"

After the band slept on the idea, they came back to the idea the next morning.

"We quickly took photos and sent them along to a place in Long Island to get them made, and naturally, I was a cheaper cardboard cutout than the rest of Little Anchor because I'm shorter," Cabellon says.

A pretty resourceful idea for an up-and-coming band on a budget, right? 'If I Wanted To' is the latest single from Little Anchor's 2013 LP 'Floating Bridges.'