Welsh indie heroes Los Campesinos! return today with their fifth album, 'No Blues,' and with the it comes a video for the tune 'Avocado, Baby.' The clip involves backstage intrigue at 'The Avocado Show,' a zany TV quiz program wherein players spin a wheel to compete for cash and sometimes get placed in coffins by robed figures in masquerade masks. At least that's what happens to the host, played by singer Gareth Campesinos!

The plot isn't entirely clear, but with its gunplay and sinister overtones, 'Avocado, Baby' plays like a mash-up of Paul Thomas Anderson's 'Magnolia' and one of those bonkers Japanese game shows we yanks are always marveling at. Better still: It's all scored by a brisk, synth-laced Los Campesinos! tune.