Luscious Jackson, the groundbreaking alternative band of the 1990s, have re-formed and are recording their first album since 1999's 'Electric Honey.' They have already released a single, 'Are You Ready?' that shows that their mixture of funk, pop, disco and electronic music remains as fresh as ever.

Rather than go through a label, the band has created a PledgeMusic campaign to help fund the project. Speaking to CNN, singer/bassist Jill Cunniff said that the decision to work without a label has given them creative freedom and an ability to reconnect with their fans.

"[A]rtists are realizing they can create their own fan base and reconnect with them," she said. "That's exciting. Getting the mailing list back from the label, getting the Facebook, getting the Twitter...We get to put out our music ourselves, run it ourselves, tour as we wish. It's a really great feeling."

Signed to the Beastie Boys' Grand Royal label in 1992, Cunniff, guitarist Gabby Glaser, keyboardist Vivian Trimble and drummer Kate Schellenbach released three albums and an EP in their lifespan. They only charted one Top 40 hit, 1997's 'Naked Eye,' but were critically acclaimed for making upbeat dance music in a decade dominated by angst-ridden alternative bands.

The band broke up in 2000 in order to raise their families. Trimble is not involved in the reunion.

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