You often hear people from all walks of life say something along the lines of "so-and-so's music saved my life when I was growing up." There aren't as many who can say -- with only the slightest bit of doubt -- that a famous musician literally saved them from an accidental adolescent fatality. Mark Ronson didn't believe his family at first, but apparently none other than Paul McCartney prevented the DJ/producer from a childhood drowning in New York.

For the longest time, Ronson chalked up the tale as "one of my mum's crazy stories." He became a believer after speaking with McCartney during a recent recording session.

"After a couple of days in the studio," Ronson tells Live Magazine, "he came in and said, 'Your mum's Ann, right? Me and [my late wife] Linda would always run into your parents on the beach in Long Island.' "

McCartney’s coastal memory prompted Ronson to share his mother’s account of his near-drowning, and the Beatles legend said "he vaguely remembered something like that. So maybe he backed up her claim, which means I can't really tease her about it now."

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