It’s only been a few months since Mike Doughty accomplished his ambitious New Year’s resolution to create a rock opera based the Bible’s Book of Revelation. Now, the former Soul Coughing leader already has another exciting project in the works, and he’s asking for your living room to help realize it.

Doughty is organizing a series of shows played in living rooms anywhere, so long as they are located in the continental U.S. The shows will take place during the months of June and July, and Undertow Music is accepting applications for hosts now through Friday, April 10.

If you’re interested in offering up your own living room, here’s what you should know: Doughty and company will need your space – which should be able to comfortably fit 40-50 people – for three hours between 7-10PM. If your application is accepted, you’ll be given five free tickets for you and your friends (tickets are priced at $30), along with some Mike Doughty merchandise and the singer’s “eternal gratitude.” All you’ll have to do is check off names on the guest list as concertgoers arrive.

You can find more details about logistics and applying along with the contact information for submissions here. If you get accepted, let us know!

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