If you're a Mike Doughty devotee, you know he’s the former lead singer of the '90s alt-rock band Soul Coughing, and that he's had an absolutely rad -- no other way to describe it -- solo career.

Doughty’s latest record, released earlier this week, finds him "covering" a baker's dozen old SC songs, including the jazz-rap Sazerac ‘Super Bon Bon,’ which hit No. 27 on the Billboard Modern Rock Chart back in 1996. (Watch the original video here.)

And since this is a new album, complete with fresh takes on old faves, Doughty cut a new video for 'Super Bon Bon.' This one's way cooler than the original -- it features puppies instead of a kitten -- and Doughty rocks normal clothing instead of duds Keith Flint of the Prodigy might wear. The clip is available right here, right now, as Jesus Jones might say, on Diffuser.fm, so scroll down give it a look. Then click here to find out where you can catch Doughty on our.

Watch Mike Doughty's New 'Super Bon Bon' Video

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