At the beginning of 2014, Mike Doughty made a unique New Year's resolution: He vowed to finish a project of Biblical proportions.

This project is unlike many we've heard; Doughty -- an always-evolving artist and musician -- wanted to create a rock opera based on the last book of the New Testament, Revelation.

Doughty has teamed up with NPR's 'Studio 360' to unveil 'Revelation,' and it's set to premiere nearly a year since his resolution was made. "It is an absolutely terrifying, monster-movie, psychedelic tale of destruction, and the language is so beautiful, it is so bizarre and wonderful," he explains to Kurt Andersen, co-creator, writer and host of '360.' "It's been a decade or more that I've been gathering a head of steam with this and then giving up, gathering a head of steam again and giving up ... I thought, with the right music, and the right actors declaiming the text, and the right visuals, it would be a great show."

Last week (Dec. 18), Doughty and 'Studio 360' debuted two tracks from 'Revelation': 'Cast Into the Lake of Fire' and 'Write the Things You Have Seen.' Listen to them below:

'Cast Into the Lake of Fire'

'Write the Things You Have Seen'

'Revelation' will be staged at WNYC's Green Space in New York City on Jan. 27-28. Stay tuned for more details.

In addition to wrapping up 'Revelation,' Doughty also released his latest full-length studio album, 'Stellar Motel,' via PledgeMusic, this year. Get all the info on the record here.

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