Slightly more than a year ago, Mike Doughty made an unusual and ambitious New Year’s resolution for 2014. The singer-songwriter and former Soul Coughing frontman set out to create a rock opera based on the final book of the Bible, the Book of Revelation. After a year of work on the project, Doughty and a small cast – featuring Amber Gray, Andrew Livingston, John Guari, Pete Wilhoit, Xenia Rubinos and Melissa McMillan – debuted ‘Revelation’at WNYC’s Green Space in New York City last week, Jan. 28-29. Now, you can watch the fruits of Doughty’s labor, as the rock opera – which is not quite an hour and 15 minutes in length – has made its way online.

Just as Doughty promised prior to the show’s debut, he and his cast recite the Book of Revelation in its entirety, setting it to music composed by Doughty himself alongside drawings interpreting the Bible’s final book.

“[Revelation is] an absolutely terrifying, monster-movie, psychedelic tale of destruction, and the language is so beautiful, it is so bizarre and wonderful,” Doughty told ‘Studio 360’ host Kurt Andersen. “I thought, with the right music, and the right actors declaiming the text, and the right visuals, it would be a great show.”

Doughty hasn't shared any details on the future of 'Revelation' -- we think it should be recorded and taken on tour! Watch his vision come to life when you check out his complete rock opera in the video above.