Legendary film star Morgan Freeman has taken on too many iconic roles to count. (Well, they probably can be counted, but we're not going to be the ones who do it.) While he is an accomplished and talented actor, he is probably most well-known for that silky-smooth basso voce of his, which has narrated everything from some movie about penguins to some movie about a war between worlds.

He also narrates a science show called 'Through the Wormhole.' In order to plug an upcoming episode, he judiciously inhaled some helium to make his voice, well, different. Hearing that voice come out as squeaky and high-pitched is definitely something new we can mark off of our "now we've seen everything" list. We just hope he doesn't end up in the next Alvin and the Chipmunks movie.

Seriously, though, 'Through the Wormhole' is pretty cool. It covers a wide variety of scientific topics, from black holes to swimming "bio-robots." Episodes air on the Science Channel, so if you've got the big cable package that includes all the cool channels, check it out.

In the meantime, enjoy Mr. Freeman's unintentional singing of 'What Does Fox Say?'

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