My Morning Jacket and North Face have joined forces to support the 21st Century Conservation Service Corps. As part of this new effort, Jim James and his crew put their spin on one of the all-time -- if not the all-time -- greatest American folk songs, Woody Guthrie's 'This Land Is Your Land.' The cover will be featured on an upcoming TV commercial, but you can watch it right now, right here:

My Morning Jacket's contribution to this effort is just one part of a larger, three-month long 'Your Land' campaign for North Face. "Our whole mission is to inspire people to explore," vice president of global marketing, Aaron Carpenter, tells Fast Company.  "It has been since we started the company more than 45 years ago."

Fast Company also spoke with James, who told them about visiting the Guthrie Archives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. "In the middle of the new archives, they had this beautiful display with his original handwritten lyrics for 'This Land Is Your Land,' and a recording of him singing it," he says. "You could stand there and take it all in, and it was such a profound moment being in that part of the country and seeing those words on a page that he'd actually written ... it just brought me to tears."

If the TV commercial isn't long enough to satisfy your folklore appetite, don't worry -- you can listen to My Morning Jacket's complete cover below, and you can download it via iTunes here.

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