The great Sublime bandleader Bradley Nowell once sang, 'I know because of KRS-One,' and indeed, the Bronx rapper has taught us much over the years. These days, he's dropping knowledge on TV viewers across the land, as the new commercial for NBA 2K14 features his song 'Step Into a World (Rapture's Delight),' featuring Keva.

The video game spot, titled 'Reign,' stars NBA giant LeBron James -- or at least a highly realistic digital rendering of the divisive Miami Heat forward. The KRS-One tune begins with Keva's vocals, and as she reworks the melody from Blondie's early-'80s rap-rock crossover 'Rapture,' pixel Lebron lights it up, draining shots and dunking like with authority.

From there, we're treated to scenes of the NBA 2K14 gameplay, and as digi-players other than James wreak havoc on the court, the track breaks open and segues into KRS-One's rap. "I'm not saying I'm No. 1," he spits, leaving little doubt why the ad folks chose this song for the commercial. "I'm sorry. I lied. I'm No. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5!" Few sentiments are more hip-hop -- or more NBA -- than that.

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