Given NeW bEAt FUNd's sound -- a sonic brew flavored by funk, ska, dub and everything in between -- it’s not surprising the band calls the melting-pot metropolis of Los Angeles home. Formed in 2011, the combo recently released a groove-crazed EP called ‘($) CoINz,’ and if you head over to their official website, you can download the entire thing for free. This summer, the band brings its funky live show to capacity crowds on the Warped Tour, and is proud to present a series of exclusive videos shot on the road, as well as blog posts written by the band. This first installment is penned by drummer Michael Johnson. Think of it like an introduction to NbF and their madness.

MJ: Well, we have officially survived the first few weeks of the dirty punk-rock circus known as Warped Tour. The fans have been badass, and a lot of the other bands have made us feel right at home. We've all grown up going to Warped Tour, so to be a part of it now and get to hang with some of our favorite bands is pretty insane. We're just getting settled and figuring out the wild ride of this summer.

This is our very first tour. The first time we're taking the tunes from our ‘($) CoINz’ EP outside of Cali. We're definitely the odd balls on Warped Tour, but the kids all over the country seem to be diggin' the Cali love we're throwin' down. It's awesome to connect with people with our live show after spending a bit writing and recording this EP.

Stoked to continue this ride and invade more and more cities. Stay tuned for more updates. If we're comin' to your town, come hang with us. We promise a good ol' time. One of those times that's super uncomfortable at first and maybe your parents wouldn't approve of ... but turns out to be the best f---in' time of your life.

Watch Exclusive Video of NeW bEAt FUNd on the Warped Tour

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