They might not be the easiest band to classify, but make no mistake, NeW bEAt FUNd make booty-shakin’ music. The L.A. combo write summer-ready songs filled with memorable hooks, but they always make the bass and drums the heart and soul of the track. Check out NeW bEAt FUNd’s ‘($) CoINz’ EP (available for free here) to see what we’re talking about.

As they cross the country on this summer's Warped Tour, NeW bEAt FUNd has been shooting a series of exclusive videos for In this second installment, the guys walk us through a day on what many have described as "punk rock summer camp." The West Coast dudes aren't super well known on the East Coast, but as they describe in the clip, they've been making friends and winning fans, even when they get stuck playing late in the day to fields of burned-out kids.

Watch NeW bEAt FUNd's Warped Tour Video

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