Daft Punk have finally unveiled the title and release date for their next album. 'Random Access Memories' will be available on May 21 on Daft Life Limited and distributed by Columbia Records, their first for the label.

The French duo, which hasn't released a proper album since 2005's 'Human After All,' teased the new record earlier this month with a brief, 15-second commercial that aired during 'Saturday Night Live.' You can watch the commercial here.

Yesterday, the album surfaced on iTunes as a pre-order with both the title and a release date attached. But there are no song titles yet. For now, 'Random Access Memories'' 13 tracks remain nameless.

In 2010, Daft Punk released the soundtrack to 'Tron: Legacy.' But it's been eight long years since their last official album. Little news about their fourth record has surfaced. Producer Nile Rodgers recently told 'Rolling Stone' that he worked with the French duo, but his involvement hasn't been confirmed. And iTunes' info about the record -- running times are MIA too -- is very skimpy at this point.