It's been 50 years since folk legend Bob Dylan shocked the world with his electric, non-acoustic performance at the Newport Folk Festival in 1965. In honor of the historic performance, the festival has plans to pay tribute to Dylan with what it is calling "'65 Revisited," which will feature a performance by a secret "all-star" line-up of about a dozen contemporary musicians.

Although Dylan is invited to perform at the festival every year, and did so in 2002, organizers aren't expecting him to get on stage this time around, and they believe doing so might not be a fitting tribute.

"Having him back would be the least Newport way to celebrate it," festival producer Jay Sweet said. "Trying to recreate that moment is a fool's errand. We're about the future, not about reliving the past."

Check out Dylan playing a Fender Stratocaster in the performance of "Maggie's Farm" from his three-song 1965 Newport Folk Festival appearance below. It's hard to believe that this was ever shocking, but the times ... they are a-changin'.

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