Nikon aims to capture the range of human emotion in a lengthy online commercial featuring the music of an independent singer-songwriter based in Seattle.

The song in the commercial is called 'Teardrops,' and it's by Xolie Morra. This ad is unusual because it uses the entire song from start to finish. Morra's tender ballad is set to footage of babies crying, couples breaking up, emotional reunions between family members and marriage ceremonies. The video incorporates various cultures from around the world, showing the universal quality of tears.

As the footage plays, words appear on the screen to call out exactly what emotions are being portrayed, such as regret, grief, reminisce, fulfillment and rejuvenation. Morra's voice is heard singing, "I cry / There’s teardrops in my mind / The colors that pass the time / I hold on / I’ve got a heart full of memories inside / I watch as the time flies up above my head."

Morra currently leads the group Xolie Morra & the Strange Kind, which blends rock with folk, country and pop. The band performed at 2010 Lilith Fair and has somehow shared the stage with both Styx and Jessica Simpson, according to their Facebook page. It's unclear whether 'Teardrops' appears on any album, but the group does have an EP in the works.

Hear Xolie Morra's 'Teardrops' in the Nikon Tears Commercial