Nintendo has kicked off its advertising campaign for the Wii U gaming console with a colorful promotional ad bolstered by electronic music from Rex Riot and Silent Killer.

Rex posted the news on his website and revealed the name of the song in the commercial: "I'm proud to announce that Nintendo is now featuring my new track 'Head Vice' on their Wii U fall ad campaign. The track is a collaboration between myself and Silent Killer, and is being released on Heard Killing Records."

'Head Vice' provides a skittering electro beat to support the clip's futuristic neon atmosphere. The ad begins with a distant shot of families and groups of friends in bright-colored cubicles trying out the new Wii, which introduces a handheld screen in addition to the primary screen on the user's television. The new setup allows up to 5 players to participate at one time.

If you're digging the music in the commercial, check out Rex Riot's most recent release, 'Beyond,' which the Washington, D.C.-based artist dropped in May 2012. Silent Killer hails from Brooklyn and works in dubstep, breakcore and drum n bass genres.

Hear Silent Killer & Rex Riot's 'Head Vice' in the Nintendo Wii U Commercial