In the past month, since Beady Eye broke upNoel Gallagher has been showing his care and concern for his brother Liam. And now in hopes of getting Liam out of his slump to kick off his solo career, Noel is offering to pen some tunes for him.

"I'd write him a few songs," Noel told NME. "I've got a few songs lying around that he'd be good at singing. But I'm not sure what he plans to do or if plans to do anything."

When asked what type of songs he would hand to his brother, the High Flying Birds singer added: "Some f--king good ones, better than the lot he was singing last time for sure."

Noel's worry started when Liam announced the breakup of his band Beady Eye.

“He’s making a f--king mess of things at the moment, but we’ve all been there,” Noel told the U.K. music magazine. “I’ve been there. Something like that can be a great thing because you get to the bottom and you cleanse yourself of a lot of f--king s--t baggage and you start again. I’m the kind of person that says ‘F--k it, take it’ and I’ll start again. And that would be my advice to him.”

It's great to see Noel helping out his little brother instead of, you know, wanting to sock him in the face like in the past.

Brotherly love aside, Noel is gearing up to release the High Flying Birds' sophomore effort, 'Chasing Yesterday,' in early March, and claims that it'll make you want to "punch the air while crying."

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