With the release of the Supersonic documentary, there’s a spotlight on Oasis once again. So naturally, that gets the rumors about a potential reunion started, with the latest suggesting that Liam and Noel Gallagher are planning a tour for 2017.

Australia’s Noise11 says that they have “heard of one U.K. rock band from the ‘90s, with a very close connection to Liam Gallagher, may have been tapped as the opening act for some of the shows.” It does not name the source, nor the group, but adds that the Gallagher brothers have patched up their long-running feud and are only continuing their antagonism towards each other in the press for the sake of drumming up publicity.

Despite his frequent references to Noel as a “potato,” Liam appears to be the one who is more interested in a reunion. Earlier this month, he admitted that he still loves his brother and called the silence between them a “stupid standoff,” and that they should at least resume their familial relationship for the sake of their mother and kids. And in August, he publicly declared optimism for a reunion. “I believe Oasis will sail again and it’ll be glorious,” he said. “If it’s really about the fans, Noel, let’s do it – because they want it. One year. Tour for a year. We’d smash it. My bags are still packed from my last tour, so I’m ready.”

While the idea of an Oasis tour for 2017 sounds tasty, there is one snag: Liam has a solo album arriving next year. That does prompt the question of why Noel would want to get Oasis back together in order to promote a record with which he’s not involved. 

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