On Monday's edition of NBC's 'Today Show' (Oct. 27), OK Go unveiled a brand-new music video for their song, 'I Won't Let You Down,' off of their recent studio album, 'Hungry Ghosts.' It's filled with as much choreography and bright colors as you'd expect from the band, who has a knack for intricate and entertaining music videos. Check it out above.

'I Won't Let You Down' was filmed in Japan at Chiba Prefecture over the summer with help from co-director Kazuaki Seki, who worked alongside frontman Damian Kulash. Those little robo-scooter things that the band is riding are called 'UNI-CUBs' and Honda, who is currently in the developmental phase with them, lent the unique omni-directional driving wheel systems to the band for the video. There is also plenty of very cool umbrella choreography between the band and school girl dancers.

'Hungry Ghosts' is out now via BMG and the band plans to announce their 2015 headlining tour dates very shortly, which will kick off in March.

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