Apple's slogan is that it "thinks different," but OK Go said the company didn't think differently enough when it created its latest launch campaign.

The band's manager, Andy Gershon, told Bloomberg Businessweek that the 'Perspective' video Apple used during this week's event announcing the iPhone 6 and iWatch ripped off OK Go's video for 'The Writing's on the Wall,' which has been viewed more than 10 million times since it premiered in June.

The OK Go video features a series of elaborate optical illusions in the style of Felice Varini during one uninterrupted shot. The Apple ad -- which was created by the same production company that filmed the OK Go video -- is also one continuous shot and boasts the same sort of optical illusions.

Check out both clips:

Gershon said the main issue, however, is that OK Go met with Apple in April and pitched the concept as a collaboration but Apple declined and then hired 1stAveMachine to create a similar video for its launch campaign -- and even hired the same director. "The videos speak for themselves," said Gershon. "You can draw your own conclusions."

He said the band will pursue legal options but isn't optimistic much will come from it. Apple reportedly did not respond to a request for comment.

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