This track is a bit of an unknown classic. The original psychedelic cowboy, Lee Hazlewood, wrote and recorded 'Summer Wine' in 1966, singing it as a duet with a singer named Suzi Jane Hokom. The next year, though, Hazlewood recorded it again with Nancy Sinatra.

'Summer Wine' was just one in a long string of duets Hazlewood and Sinatra recorded together. Hazlewood also wrote much of Sinatra's songs, including her biggest hit, 'These Boots Are Made for Walkin'.' Hazlewood's songs mixed country music with lush orchestration, creating a whole new genre of music called Saccharine Underground.

'Summer Wine' is a hidden gem and has been covered more times than we have the wherewithal to count. U2's Bono covered it with the Corrs, and HIM's Ville Valo sang it with Natalia Avelon for the soundtrack to the German movie 'Das Wilde Leben' in 2007. The song was a big hit in Germany then, reaching the fourth spot on the German charts and making the film's soundtrack go platinum.

Most recently, Lana Del Rey covered the song with Kassidy's Barrie-James O'Neil. It was an obvious choice for the melancholy songstress. Del Rey's cover is pretty straightforward. The production is updated, and she added a few extra backing melodies, but otherwise it's basically the same as the original. She and O'Neil look like they're having a lot of lazy fun in the video, but that's kind of LDR's thing.