Fans who will be attending Passion Pit's gig in London this week could get the chance to go to a very special listening party after the show.

After their concert on Thursday (April 16) at the Electric Ballroom, the Cambridge, Mass.-based band will be hosting a chauffeur-driven listening party to celebrate their new album for five lucky fans, DIY reports.

How do you get in on this special event? Be one of the first 70 attendees to enter the Electric Ballroom that night and you'll receive a free 7" single that was specially made by frontman Michael Angelakos and his crew. (These are the same record singles that anyone who pre-ordered the band's new LP, Kindred, will receive.)

So what makes these singles different? Well, five of those free discs will contain a golden ticket -- you know, kind of like the ones Willy Wonka gave out for entrance into his chocolate factory. Five individuals will not only get a ride home care of the band, but they'll also be able to hear the new album in its entirety during the trip. A free ride home and being one of the first people to hear Kindred? That's not a bad deal at all.

Kindred hits the streets on April 20 in the U.K. and April 21 in the U.S. via Columbia Records.

See how Passion Pit and their friends made these special 7" vinyl records below:

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