Paul Weller is gearing up for the release of his 12th solo studio album, 'Saturn's Pattern,' due out this spring. Over the weekend, Weller's team teased his fans with a very exciting tweet: "3 years after his last release, Paul Weller is ready to unleash his new sound. More on 11th Feb, get in the mood here."

The 40-second clip starts as a psychedelic swirl before launching into a heavy guitar riff, adorned by other chaotic sounds. The video clip (check it out below) comes with instructions as well. "Play loud," it reads, adding, "Check back for more exciting news for your eyes and ears here next Wednesday 11th February."

The tease isn't a crystal clear indication where Weller is headed with this new album, but it's safe to say, it's going to be a wild and entertaining ride. In a recent interview with Uncut, Weller called the record "progressive in the literal sense of the word. It’s defiantly 21st century music ... it's a little bit of a leap into the unknown, really. It's gone past my expectations, in a way."

Check out the snippet below, and stay tuned for more details as they surface:

'Saturn’s Pattern' Track List
1. 'White Sky'
2. 'Saturn’s Pattern'
3. 'Going My Way'
4. 'Long Time'
5. 'Pick It Up'
6. 'Phoenix'
7. 'I’m Where I Should Be'
8. 'In The Car'
9. 'These City Streets'

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