Sure, Pavement frontman Stephen Malkmus recently said another reunion is unlikely. That doesn't mean nobody can ask.

Band member Bob Nastanovich revealed in an interview on the Midwest music podcast, Pants Off!, that the legendary indie outfit have been invited to perform on The Late Show when Stephen Colbert takes the reigns from David Letterman in September.

"Pavement’s supposed to play," said Nastanovich. "If we can get it all together, we’ve been invited to play on the new Colbert show in like September. So that might be cool. Hopefully it’ll come off, right now it seems kind of 50/50. I don’t even know what we’re gonna play or anything like that, but they invited us to do it a few weeks ago and we’re trying to schedule it all out. Everyone else in my band, they’ve got kids and stuff."

Although that's enough to rev up the rumor mill, a representative for the band already told Stereogum: "There are no current plans for Pavement to reunite — neither for a tour nor for a late night television performance.”

Last month, Malkmus also said the band will probably never release another album. “I’m just sort of into Pavement being a ‘90s thing," he said. "I don’t really feel like making another record with those dudes. What we have is great.”

Of course, if Pavement were to reunite, there seems to be a solid chance they would show up on Colbert's show. When they came back together in 2010, they played The Colbert Report.

Check out the full podcast below or skip to around 1:08:00 for all the reunion talk.