There’s a Nashville-based Pavement covers band that calls themselves the Crooked Corners, and during a gig at the Stone Fox last week, they were joined on stage by Steve West and Bob Nastanovich.

One-time Pavement drummers West and Nastanovich accompanied the Crooked Corners on Brighten the Corners’ “Stereo” and Slanted Enchanted’s “Conduit for Sale.” Nastanovich hung around to play tambourine on “Range Life,” too. The show no doubt lived up to Crooked Corners' promise of being "The Ultimate Pavement Experience." Check out fan-shot clips of all three songs at the bottom of the page.

In August, Pavement issued The Secret History Vol. 1, the first in a series of rarities collections. The first installment gathered material recorded around the time of the band's 1992 debut, Slanted Enchanted. Compilations should probably be all we expect from the defunct outfit, as Stephen Malkmus and company have been fairly adamant that -- despite persistent rumors -- there are no plans for another reunion or new music.

“I’m just sort of into Pavement being a ‘90s thing," Malkmus said when he broached the subject back in June. "I don’t really feel like making another record with those dudes. What we have is great.”

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