With their first of five upcoming demos and rarities albums, The Secret History, Vol. 1, due out Aug. 11 via Matador, various Pavement members have been chatting with the media about their storied career.

David Malitz of The Washington Post pointed out via Twitter that in separate interviews, both the band's frontman Stephen Malkmus, as well as Scott Kannberg, specifically mentioned Weezer as a band that they could have been as big as if the cards had been played right.

Malkmus told Rolling Stone:

In a way, it happened anyway, for a band like Weezer, which was a band that had some of the signifiers of Pavement, at least on the outside. I like them. And I think in the wake of Pavement, a band like Weezer could really make sense to a radio programmer or an A&R guy.

And Kannberg told Vulture:

I don’t know, I think if that song came out three to four years prior, it could have been as big as Weezer or Smashing Pumpkins. But we didn’t have management; we just got together and jammed, made a record, went on tour, and then went back to our lives because we all lived in different cities and were happy doing what we were doing. Those bands had management and they all wanted to be rock stars. They all came from somewhere and someone told them, “You sound like Nirvana, and you’ll be a rock star.” I’m not saying that they didn’t make good music. They probably did.

The fact that they both mentioned Weezer, specifically, leads us to think this isn't the first time they've had this conversation. Malkmus recently said that the band would more than likely never make new music again, and despite a high demand for their reunion, it doesn't appear that they'll be getting back together anytime soon.

But who knows, anything can change and with these Matador releases hitting record stores shortly, it could very well be the start of something greater.

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