Morrissey is now on tour in the U.S. You may have heard about him walking offstage when fans got too close for comfort. Or when he maybe threatened to not play a show because some other bands were also performing in the same venue that night.

He also has a new album coming out on July 15, and has been releasing a series of spoken-word promo videos to get you ready for it.

The latest video to include some Morrissey in it was put together for PETA, and it's going to show before the singer's concerts. Moz is a well-know, and very outspoken, animal-rights activist. So it's no surprise that he even gave the group one of his songs for its new animated video.

The clip, which features Morrissey's 1992 song 'I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday' as the soundtrack, stars a doomed little chick headed for someone's plate. The video bears the subtitle 'Morrissey's New Opening Act' on YouTube.

There's also this bit of info: "Every year, 8 billion chickens are orphaned, stuffed into severely crowded sheds, and trucked to slaughter. 'Someday,' a new video created by PETA and animated by Anna Saunders, is scheduled to be featured on rock icon Morrissey's nationwide tour. The video takes viewers on a harrowing journey as they witness -- through the eyes of one terrified bird -- the typical experience of chickens raised for meat. Will our young chick survive what 8 billion chickens each year cannot?"


The video below is a bit cheerier ... if Morrissey reciting biting lyrics about world peace being none of your business over sarcastic piano notes is your idea of a good time.