The Pixies parted ways with Kim Deal, their original bass player, in 2013, but apparently she's still very much in their thoughts. One of the songs on their upcoming record Head Carrier, "All I Think About Now,” is about her, and it's sung by her replacement, Paz Lenchantin.

In a new interview, frontman Black Francis told the BBC. It's a long story that you can listen to below, but the condensed version is that they had been trying to write a tune for her to sing to no avail. Then, she wrote a bassline for a song built around a demo that was so poorly recorded that she couldn't hear the chords properly. She suggested building a new song around her part, and Francis said that would be her vocal spotlight and asked her what the lyrics should be about.

"'You have to write about Kim Deal,'" Francis recalled her as telling him. "'OK, I have to write about Kim Deal, but you have to give me more specifics than that.' And she said, 'You know, just like a letter, just a little thank-you letter. That kind of a thing' And I went, 'OK.' So that's what we did, and then Paz sang it."

But "All I Think About Now" shouldn't be considered a definitive take on Deal's decades with the Pixies. "The song is not really intended for the listener to be thinking about the characters and our band's history or anything like that," he added. "The lyric is more open-ended so that you can insert your own life into the song."

Head Carrier, which Francis described as having "a bit of early-Pixies slosh in it" and "more like Doolittle" than Indie Cindy or Trompe le Monde, will be released on Sept. 30. They've already unveiled the first single, “Um Chagga Lagga,” which can be heard here.

Listen to Black Francis' Interview With the BBC

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