This should be interesting: PJ Harvey has covered Nick Cave's iconic track, 'Red Right Hand,' for BBC's television series 'Peaky Blinders' -- the first episode of which will air on Oct. 2. The upcoming season is the series' second (season one actually featured Nick Cave and Jack White back in 2012).

The second season and soundtrack will also feature songs from the Arctic Monkeys and Johnny Cash. 'Peaky Blinders' had come under fire for being "overly American" and the show's producer actually brought PJ Harvey on board to squash that conception.

Harvey hasn't recorded all that much new music as of late, her last studio album being 2011's 'Let England Shake' and her last new song being her 'Shaker Aamer' single in protest of the U.S. imprisonment of the British national of the same name. If you missed that track, check it out below:

Stay tuned for more. We're sure that we'll get a taste of PJ Harvey's cover song very soon.

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