Since its opening last Friday (Jan. 16), the exhibition documenting PJ Harvey recording her ninth album has completed its first week. Taking place at the Somerset House in London, Harvey organized the ‘Recording In Progress’ project with collaborators ArtAngel.

Writer John Mulvey reviewed his visit to the exhibit on Jan. 20, writing in his blog for Uncut, “The number of musicians is sparse, but the sound is dense and frictional; 'Is This Desire' might be the closest comparison, though it may also be a mistake to draw comparisons at this early stage. It is, though, a short and instantly excellent song, and one whose catchiness will become apparent in the next 45 minutes. Harvey's part ends with some virtuoso whoops."

When discussing the project, Harvey said it’s all about letting all of her surroundings into the recording process.

"When you're making music with other people in a space, you connect on a very primal level in a musical conversation, communicating emotionally and musically,” Harvey said (via NME). “There's very little barrier and you're not only letting in the other musicians and the music, but also the surroundings and being open to everything that's ever gone on in and around the space.”

NME gathered a list of song titles written on the recording studio’s glass walls, which you can find below:

PJ Harvey’s ‘Recording In Progress’ Song Titles
'River Anacostia'
'Homo Sappy Blues'
'Imagine This'
'Chain Of Keys'
'The Ministry Of Defence'
'Near The Memorials To Vietnam & Lincoln'
'The Boy'
'A Dog Called Money'
'A Line In The Sand'
'The Ministry Of Social Affairs'
'Dollar Dollar'
'The Age Of The Dollar'
'I'll Be Waiting'
'The Community Of Hope'
'The Orange Monkey'
'The Wheel Guilty'

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