Recording an album isn’t always glamorous. Sure, sometimes the band is rocking in the studio and magic is made; other times, though, instruments are getting tuned and microphones are being moved around by assistants. Keeping this in mind, fans are being reminded that every single aspect of the recording process -- “warts and all” -- will be on display when PJ Harvey kicks off her new project, 'Recording In Progress,' on Jan. 16 in London.

“There will be some visitors who experience longueurs, the tuning-up of a bass guitar, the integration of a horn section,” Michael Morris, co-director of Artangel (who are collaborating with Harvey in this project) told the Guardian. “It will be warts and all ... There will be others there when she happens to run through a couple of songs from start to finish. It is very much a lottery.”

He goes on, “We have deliberately avoided using the word performance because we don’t want to build up expectations ... the truth is none of us really know what it will be like.”

Regardless of what will be on display at any given moment, fans are assured that ‘Recording In Progress’ will be a “mutating, multidimensional sound sculpture.”

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